About Us


OCOF’s mission is to ensure that the status of a cow gets transcended to its rightful position as a divine being. Developments in the past decade have seen a lot of work being done in this direction, but much more needs to be done. OCOF is dedicated to the creation of mass awareness of a cow’s importance in the Hindu religion. We, at OCOF have taken it as a mission to reach out to the maximum number of Hindus all over the world so that a cow which is an entity devoted to the family that owns it. OCOF and its activities insure that a Hindu gets the opportunity to give back to a cow at least part of what has been taken from it, if not everything. A number of activities are undertaken by volunteers at OCOF from all over the world, who are committed not only to making the world a safe place for cows, but also devoted to ensuring that this particular feature of the Hindu religion – of worshipping cows – will continue for generations to come. It is only when a Hindu is able to look after at least one cow in his lifetime that he can think of getting his rightful place in heaven right next to Lord Krishna, the Supreme Being and the One who made this world a place where cows got great care, love, affection and service with devotion. A Hindu and a cow have together been linked inseparably, and will forever remain so.


Information Technology has changed a whole lot of ideas, attitudes, views and perceptions of the world’s numerous religions. Many important religions, including Hinduism are facing the possibility of its followers abandoning it in favour of that what appears to be attractive in terms of money, power, social status, political pressure and internal fulfillment. OCOF has the vision, thanks to its founder-members and thousands of its committed followers, to visualize a future in which a cow will not lose importance. A cow is the first provider to a family thirsty for milk, dairy products and the feeling of being connected with the Supreme Being. When a family owns a cow, it has access to nourishment. It is this nourishment that is the essence of the growth of a Hindu and his family in all spheres of human activity. It is the vision of OCOF to create a world wherein no harm comes to the cow that is a Hindu goddess that provides every Hindu with succour. OCOF has the vision to make every cow an entity far above the ordinary. Every human being knows the value of the milk that flows from a cow. This milk is as nourishing as the milk of a human mother. OCOF visualizes the growth of love, affection, service and devotion in every Hindu’s heart for a cow because a cow and motherhood are synonymous with each other. If a mother is not a goddess, then who is?