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Mahavir Nagar Vangaon

Vangaon , Palghar near Mumbai,  Mumbai City,   Maharashtra

Vangaon is a village in Palghar district of Maharashtra, 150kms from Mumbai. In Vangaon is a holy place named Mahavir Nagar, founded by a Jain saint. It is spread over 13 acres of farm, mango orchard and chikku orchard. An important place inside the farm is a Gaushala with 20 Indian cows being served to bliss. Cows are served fresh farm fodder and open grazing time during the day.
Observing the decline in indigenous cow breeds, OneCowOneFamily Foundation has come up with a breed preservation project in collaboration with Mahavir Nagar. Dangi is an indigenous cattle breed of India. They are a very good draught breed and known for their adaptability to heavy rainfall areas. The skin of this breed secretes an oil element that enables them to tolerate heavy rains. With high immunity and suitable for work load they are an important breed in parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Project Mission:
1. Preserving Dangi indigenous breed
2. Serve cows under hygienic facilities and organic fodder
3. Ensure constant care taking and medical facilities
4. Encourage farmers to adopt Dangi breed cows and bulls

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