Get Involved

As a volunteer with OCOF you can contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of cows by taking part in the following activities:

Field work:

  • Identify key persons in every part of Bharat who are dedicated to this task.

  • Identify those families that are either involved in the protection of cows or are interested in adopting/keeping one.

  • Help in building an initial network of teams.

  • Start the collection of information from organizations that are working in this area.

You can also help in the preparation of database of cows and families involved in this work by helping in:

  • Preparing a database of people who are actively involved in this task

  • Collaborating with various organizations and institutions working in this field.

  • Identifying communities involved in cattle-rearing

  • Getting in touch with Gau-Shalas and communities involved in animal based employment

You can help in connecting people with each other so that they can get in touch with those who help with cows by: 

  • Enabling Hindus across the globe to adopt at least one cow in the beginning and help in conservation of Swadeshi cow

  • Promote Panch-Gavya products among families and bring about health benefits among them

  • To bring awareness among Hindus about cows and the benefits associated with cows.

You can also help in building a huge knowledge-base by

  • Collecting, conserving and protecting traditional knowledge of indigenous breeds of cows

  • Collecting information from our ancient scriptures

  • Collecting and displaying the latest research being conducted and the framing of policies in this field.